Photo Booth and Photo Services for Trade Shows & Expos

Goals of exhibitors

As all trade show and expo exhibitors know, planning for an event isn’t an easy task.  If done correctly, the many months of hard work and research pays off by achieving the goals and objectives that were determined beforehand.  For many, this includes educating attendees, enhancing a brand and the visibility of a product, launching products or promoting new ones, and most importantly generating leads and/or sales.  One unique and effective marketing idea that will create a buzz and attract more visitors to your booth is the addition of a photo booth, digital portraiture machine, and other instant photo souvenir services.

Photo booth & photo services overview

trade show photo boothsTrade show attendees love, and many expect, freebies.  These include pens, posters, candy, key chains, and other miscellaneous items.  One great addition to the list is free souvenir photos that print instantly for your visitors.  These can be taken with a model, a mascot, against a step and repeat backdrop, and even against a green screen background for magazine covers and other creative ideas.

So, how does it work?  Mike Limatola, founder of Recorded Memories Photo Booths in San Diego, explains “We work directly with exhibitors by first determining their overall goals and objectives.  Next, we implement a photo strategy that will effectively put their product, service, message, and branding in the hands of hundreds or thousands of visitors.  We then provide the equipment at the show, our employees encourage and attract guests to the booth, and we instantly provide visitors with a photo souvenir that creates long lasting impressions.  Lastly, we place all of the pictures online so the attendees can email and share their pictures along with the company’s branding.  This provides long lasting marketing benefits as many branded photos potentially get shared thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.”

In addition to the after show benefits, these free photo souvenirs benefit exhibitors in a few ways:

  • It helps create a buzz or swarm of people to your booth
  • It gives you an opportunity to further discuss your products/services while the guests are having fun and smiling
  • It provides a unique and effective way to generate leads, collect email addresses, promote websites and social networking pages, and to sell


conference and expo photo video boothsProviding measurable statistics is crucial to gauge the effectiveness of any marketing technique.  Free key chains, pens, and other handouts usually do not provide an effective way to measure the return on investment.  On the other hand, branded photos can be measured by:

  • Creating a specific landing page address on the photo strip and measuring traffic/sales after the event
  • Adding a Facebook or Twitter page to the photo strip and measuring the increase in fans or followers after the event
  • Creating a coupon/discount code on the photo strip and measuring leads or sales after the event
  • Measuring overall booth traffic compared to previous events without a photo booth or photo unit


No matter what the goals or objectives are of an exhibitor, souvenir photos can be a great way to present, display, attract, and engage with trade show visitors.  They will not only leave with a smile on their face but also with a branded message that will be seen for many months or years after.

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