Looking for a cheap photo booth rental in San Diego?  Times are tough, the majority of us are on strict budgets and you are probably wondering if a photo booth can fit in your events budget.  The good news is that photo booth rentals are no longer thousands of dollars and can add a great element of fun to weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, quinceaneras, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other special occasions.

How much do photo booth rentals cost?

For the most part, San Diego area companies like ours charge anywhere from $500 to $1000 or so for a few hours of service.  Most include unlimited photos, instant prints, setup and delivery, and other custom features.  In addition, there are usually add ons such as scrapbooks, green screen options, and others that can increase the cost.

How much are cheap photo booth rentals?

What is a cheap photo booth rental in San Diego?  First, you have to think about what cheap means and what is important to you when it comes to your event.  Sometimes cheap, inexpensive, bargain, low cost, low priced, discounted, or whatever you would like to call it, means lower quality product and service.  For example, company A is offering a 3 hour package for $400 and company B is offering the same for $700.  For some, a $300 savings sounds like a no brainer.  For others though, more research is needed to determine if the savings make sense.

How about Groupon or Living Social photo booth deals?

Some companies will offer Groupon or Living Social deals for cheaper rates.  However, make sure you read the fine print before committing to one of them.  We looked into LivingSocial and one reason we did NOT launch a photo booth coupon is the fine print. The first is availability, if the company has a scheduled event on your event day you will be required to reschedule within 24 hours or you will forfeit your voucher.  This was the fine print then and things may have changed but be careful with impulsively buying something that seems too good to be true…

What do you need to consider when looking for cheap photo booth rentals?

Although companies may offer similar services for less, take a careful look at the following:

  • Is the company insured?  Many venues require vendors to have liability insurance.
  • Is the company reputable in the area?  Do they have good reviews?
  • How long has the company been in business?  How experienced are they with working similar events?
  • What do their photo booths look like?  Is it a photo booth?  We have seen some cheap rentals but their service wasn’t really a photo booth.
  • How is their customer service and communication?  The last thing you want is issues before your wedding or special day.

Cheaper is not always better!

These are a few things to think about when looking for a photo booth rental.  Although we don’t have the lowest prices on the market, our experience, customer service, quality of service, staff, and our equipment are well worth it!  Give us a call at (800) 834.2022 to discuss your event.