Creative Branding & Sponsorships for Businesses

Branding enables customers to remember your product-service, builds customer loyalty, makes it easier for current clients or customers to refer you to others, sends a message as to what your customers can expect, conveys an emotion, and adds value.

We know how important branding is for businesses so we have created a unique opportunity that will creatively improve your branding and exposure with our photo booths.  Companies will often rebrand a product or service to give the impression to the customer that their company in fact made the item for sale or provides the offered service itself.  This is often called white label marketing and is a creative and unique option for all types of businesses.

How does it work?

We are not just a photo booth company, we are marketing experts!

    1. Company A sponsors one of our photo booths for an event.
    2. We brand our touchscreen, photo prints, video slideshow, and online gallery pictures with Company A’s logo, slogan, or other branding message.  We also remove our branding completely.
    3. Event guests share their photos through email, on Facebook, Twitter, and other avenues with their friends, colleagues, and family.  In turn, you company branding potentially reaches thousands of people.

Branding on the Photo Booth

We can brand your image, logo, slogan, or any other message directly to the side panels of our photo booths.

Branding on the Touch Screen Monitor

Our package includes your custom branding on the screen that displays before every photo session!

Branding on the Print Layouts & Online Galleries

We will brand your message directly to the photo prints, this way every guest will see it on their print outs and while viewing the event pictures in the online galleries.

Branding on the Video Slideshow

We will add your branding and message to the video slideshow of your event.

Branding through Social Media

Your branding package continues to provide value after the event!  We will share your branded photos and video on our Facebook page.  Your guests will also share photos on their own social networking sites providing thousands of impressions!