Get Moving.  Our Animated GIFs Turn Still Photos into Something Unique.

social photo booth animated gif

Social Animated GIF Photo Booths

Our Animated GIF Booths create a fun and unique option for on site photos.  Similar to a traditional photo experience, our booths take 3 or 4 still photos of the subjects on site.

These photos are then instantly stitched together to create an animated GIF photo that can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text. On site printing of the still images is also an option for branded takeaways.



Animated Photo Frames & Custom Designs

Our custom GIF booths give you the power to take the photos to another level! Not only can we animate the subjects in the pictures, but also the photo frame itself (see the bottom logos the UNITE example).

This provides creative possibilities that will surely increase buzz, engagement, and social conversation.  Whether you are looking for something unique for a wedding, trade show, festival, or other event, we can provide the right GIF solution.


gif social photo booth kiosk

Need Some Ideas? Want to Discuss?

Not sure what direction to go or how to implement a GIF booth into your event or function? Give us a call at 800.834.2022, we have done hundreds of events and would be happy to discuss some ideas!

If you would like to see the user experience first hand, we can also schedule a demo to help give you a better idea of our capabilities and customization options.